Sunday Services FAQs

Since the easing of restrictions, we have made changes to how we operate our Sunday services whilst making sure we’re being sensitive to a variety of different views. These FAQs hope to provide information about anything you might need to know:

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Do I need to do anything before coming?

Please book in online via the link on the web page. We set out seats each week so this will help us to make sure we have enough

Is there still social distancing?

We have still got social distancing of 1m+ in place and will review this at the end of summer.

Seats are assigned based on bookings and the welcome team will be able to let you know where to sit. If you haven't booked, we can always get more chairs up quickly.

Doors and windows will be open as much as possible to help with ventilation. Though historically a warm building, it may be cooler than usual so please do make preparations for this if needed.

Will we need to wear a face covering?

Yes please, but feel free to remove this when sat and not interacting. We would ask that, for the time being, they be worn when speaking or singing.

Is there hand sanitiser?

We will have a sanitation table at the entrance with hand sanitiser for all who enter. If you’d prefer to use your own, that is fine but please use it at the table so we know that it is being done. There are also sanitiser stations around the buildings.

Will the toilets be open?

Yes, all toilets are open as usual.

Will there be children’s work?

There are children's groups for 5-14s during term time and currently a self-service creche for under-5s. There is also plenty of room for buggies in the main service.

Can we sing?

Yes! We are singing again but we do ask that masks be worn for singing for the time being.

I’ve had to isolate, will there still be an online option?

Yes there will be. We will be live streaming the services from the community centre for anyone who can’t be with us. You can access this on our Youtube channel.